Monday, April 25, 2005

Starting Somewhere

Since I cannot help but think of this sport all day anyway, now at least my thoughts won't be lost. Whether that's good or bad is yet to be seen - I'm guessing neither.

Why did I choose the title "Derobement"? Well, not because I wanted to expound upon the move or even because I find it interesting.. No, simply because I thought it would be a funny title for a fencing blog. Double meaning. Get it? Don't worry - I'll probably think up something better soon. I guess"Conversation of the Blades" is too predictable?

The real purpose for this blog is because I have become completely obsessed and consumed by this sport and I need an outlet. My relationship with the sword has become complicated as I both love and fear everything about it. Perhaps I fear it because I recognize that it has the power to completely overwhelm me and maybe it's already happened. I hunger for mastery while proficiency is still a distant horizon. But there is a wall - even before proficiency may be reached - I become unsure of myself at the call of "Allez" and that's what I need to understand and overcome. I am by no means a stranger to fear and indecision in any part of my life, but if they can be conquered upon the piste, then that will be enough for now.

In the future, I promise not to be so melodramatic and write more about the sport itself. I hope you (whoever you are) can forgive me this one lapse.

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