Friday, June 17, 2005

AFK...way AFK thoughts...from Virginia.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Blast from the Past

Since I seem to be blocked lately, thought I'd pull up an old ghost. This was actually about running, but it's generic enough for this forum I think.

~January 27, 1999 2:10 AM

The pounding. The perfect, patterned pounding.
And breath. Detached but present; labored but euphoric.
The music of the marvelous invention that is the human body.

The subject matter? A goal that grows farther away the more I strive to reach it, but that only makes it more desirable. It is perfection, or rather, the perfect meshing of spirit and body into an orchestral masterpiece. But I did not compose it, nor did any of us. It resides in that great library of the soul that contains the music that controls every aspect of our lives, for each moment is a step to the Dance. We are merely conductors, choosing how to perform each measure.

So I have chosen this song at this moment. And here I am, surrounded on all sides by straining chords of muscle, all warmth and needles, each desiring to move in a different way and direction than I will them. But it propels my spirit forward; with the struggle and excitement of uncertainty , it rages against the cage of the mortal body towards that one goal, common to all my brethren conductors. And if any one of them tells you it is not Perfection, he is lying. For, with the ground at our feet and infinite sky above; with the melody and rhythm of the sport encompassed within the length of our limbs, what else is there to seek, but Perfection.. The overture. The finale.