Monday, May 23, 2005

Tourney Reflection v. 1

While I often say to myself that I don't have much of a competitive spirit that often changes once I actually find myself in a competition of some sort. So it was with no small amount of pleasure that I left my first tentative venture into competitive fencing with a second out of six placing. Better than the medal (which is really cool) though, is the experience and I have slowly been trying to sort out the lessons learned to identify pitfalls.

1. Stay in control. When a move does not go off as well as I plan, I have a tendency to panic and fling myself back and away in order to regroup. Not only does this look ridiculous, I am sure, but it also separates my mind from my body and the task at hand. If I could teach myself to calmly retreat out of danger, I'm sure it would leave me more prepared to execute the next move.

2. Be patient.
2a. Don't hesitate.
When I get those reconciled, I'll let you know.

3. Don't forget about defense. More than once, I got so caught up in executing some bit of strategory that I forget how close I actually am to the other person and...Yeah, touch for them.

4. Yes, still the footwork.

The disconnect is there between the body and the mind.

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