Friday, February 22, 2008

Turn the page

For the last couple months, I've kept a feed from BBC Sports in my RSS Reader just in case anything ever comes up about fencing. Nothing so far, but what I have found is that the British devote a disproportionate amount of reporting to the sport(?) of darts with almost daily articles covering competitions and athletes. I usually skim right past them but the title of one this week caught my attention.

Taylor reveals motivation issue

Basically it's a short little article about how the number two darter (dartist? d'artagnan?) in the world is beginning to look towards retirement as he gets older. This struck me because it's the exact opposite of how I see fencing going for me. I didn't start fencing until 2005; I turned 27 part way through my beginner class. For the math-averse in the audience I will make it easy on you: next week I turn 30.

I am certainly not looking to pare down my fencing or competition time. If anything, I fear events that will force me to do so (but that's another post). Fencers in my age group (25ish-35ish) seem to be in the minority; most of the women, and men for that matter, that I fence at tournaments are at least a decade older or younger than me. During last year's Div II at Summer Nationals, I was easily the oldest person in my pool. This can at times be unsettling, but it is also a motivator. I am focused on not being left behind by the younger guys at practice and intent upon keeping pace with the high school and college girls in tournaments.

And while I'm focused upon the present and bettering myself right now, I will share with you a secret thought I often have: I seriously want to pwn those Vet ladies at the 2018 Summer Nationals.


Anonymous said...

Why is that middle group absent: life, family, work...the abandonment of the activity that keeps one young at heart, mentally and physically and healthy...then near middle age, those with insight realize, and then recommit...if it's not too late, to a healthy lifestyle that includes such a multi-benefit activity like fencing...find that niche in daily life for health and fitness, stubbornly refuse to let go...yes then...pwnt for sure. happy 30th.

Anonymous said...

Most of the people I fence are older than me (I'm 35) and I'm constantly impressed by the 60+ fencers who are still competing and still whoopin' young uns like me - I want to be them when I grow up!